Baby Smelling Flower

When we think of the senses experienced in the garden we think of all the bright colors and smells from herbs like lavender and mint, to perfuming honeysuckles. There is so much more to be experienced with our senses in a garden. The coolness of shade, the warmth of a sun warmed stone, the enclosure of a vine covered tunnel and the openness felt by reaching the end. Many might recall the soft woolly feel of lamb’s ear, if not, here will be a place to feel it for the first time.

All gardens can stimulate the senses. Some gardens stimulate the senses to a greater degree than others. In sensory gardens, plants and other design elements are selected with intention to provide experiences for seeing, smelling, hearing, touching, and tasting. People of all ages and abilities can be enlivened and renewed physically, mentally, or spiritually by a sensory garden. Individuals with impairment of one or more of their five senses may find special enjoyment because they may have enhanced perception of their other senses. The Seattle Sensory Garden will be a place filled with interesting sensory elements to be enjoyed year round and accessible to all.

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